Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Oracle Beta Exam: 1Z1-047 SQL Expert

By mere chance, I came across the Oracle Beta exams, and as it's most relevant for my day job, I took a glance at the the SQL Expert exam. Some thoughts on that:
  • (+) It's good to see they included some of the 'newer' SQL features, like Merge, Group By extensions, hierarchical queries, even Regular Expressions! (I know some of these are not so new, but ok...)
  • (-) Nothing on Analytic Functions?
  • (-) Nothing on Oracle Text Searches?
  • (-) There's still too much basic SQL in it, like multiple-column subqueries, manipulating data (just to name two).
I'm just reflecting on the topics mentioned, I have no clue about the content (Laurent Schneider took the beta exam, if you want a first hand opinion). To me it looks like half of it is introduction to SQL, and only half of it is 'Expert' stuff (too generous, or too harsh?). When it's past beta, I'll probably take the exam, but I'd still like to see something more worthy of the name "Expert"...

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Mizrach said...

I took the beta exam and got my results last Jan 14. I passed the exam.