Sunday, 8 July 2007


The last few weeks I spent a significant portion of my time coaching junior developers, which I enjoy a lot. I'm learning learning people :-) You have to pay attention to how you help someone. Just giving or showing them the solution won't get them any further when they encounter a similar problem.
Most of the time, I'll show the relevant section of the help files (in case of Forms) or the Oracle docs, hoping they'll pick it up as a problem-solving strategy.
I also try to ask questions in a certain direction, so they can 'give birth' to a solution themselves. If my terminology strikes you as odd, it refers to the maieutic method of Socrates.

R.S. Wurmans's book (in the currently reading section to the right) also has some interesting ideas on giving instructions. It's not the most recent, but certainly still up-to-date, and plenty of food for thought. If you reckon the original book came out at the start of the 90's, that's an amazing feat.

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