Sunday, 8 July 2007

OTN forms forum, week 27

I kept an eye on the Oracle Forms forum on OTN last week, I'll probably get tired of it soon, but for what it's worth, here are some topics I found interesting. My personal wrap-up for week 27:

* How long is Oracle Forms/Developer Suite to be supported?

Should be reassuring for those who invest(ed) a lot of their time in the Forms technology, be it as a company or as a developer. If I got a euro for every time it's proclaimed dead, I could buy myself some new Oracle books. As stated, it's mostly the new trends in webdevelopment that toll the bell.

* François Degrelle's Forms look & feel project

While you're hanging on to Forms, a great way to upgrade your skills is integrating Java Beans and Pluggable Java Components. François Degrelle has been doing this for a while, it's worth your time checking out his blog.

* Bean to load image item from URL?

One simple example of the Forms & Java integration mentioned above.

* Any way to know the source table of a form at runtime?

I picked this one to point out the difference between where you query from (block_property QUERY_DATA_SOURCE_NAME) and where you write your data to (block property DML_DATA_TARGET_NAME). They don't have to be identical.

* Substitute for JInitiator

For those who think they're stuck to JInitiator to run forms on the web, this thread provides some links to installing the Sun JRE plugin as an alternative.

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